See Panic! in it's three part glory! What's your goal, how do you play and where will it all end?

The Alien Slime Monster has crash-landed on our planet and it is threatening the Playstation Mobile store as we speak! Go there to grab hold of a copy and help save those innocent civilians from the slime! Their fate is in your hands!

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Panic! is a top-down action puzzler for PlayStation© Mobile that requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. A giant alien slime monster is attacking the city! What can you do? Help a few survivors escape the city by creating blockades. Topple houses, drop bombs and throw buoys to save those about to be swallowed by the slime!

It’s all about action and fun! And a whole lot of slime. You know, the green kind you find in your handkerchief.

Find out more about the survivors through animated cut-scenes that tell the story of John, the overweight ex-marine, currently a first class police officer. Or granny… She might be old, but she can still wield an 12-gauge. And see what happens once the military get involved in the battle.

Panic! is a unique game with plenty of action, comedy, babies and surf music to keep you coming back for more. And whatever you do, try not to Panic!